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Tin is a chemical element using the symbol Sn (Latin: stannum) and atomic number 50. It's a primary group metal in group 14 from the periodic table. Tin shows chemical resemblance of both neighboring group 14 elements, germanium and lead.

This silvery, malleable poor metal isn't easily oxidized in air and it is accustomed to coat metals to avoid corrosion. The very first alloy, utilized in massive since 3000 BC, was bronze, an alloy of Tin and copper. After 600 BC pure metallic Tin was created. Pewter, that is an alloy of 85% to 90% Tin along with the rest generally composed of copper, antimony and lead, was adopted for flatware in the Bronze Age before twentieth century. In modern occasions container can be used in several alloys, most particularly container/lead soft solders, typically that contains 60% or even more of Tin. Another large application for Tin is corrosion-resistant container plating of steel. Due to its low toxicity, container-plated metal can also be employed for food packaging, giving the title to Tin cans, that are made mostly of steel.

As for 2011 Tin is traded at the London Metal Exchange.

LME  Tin Prices Officials $/LB ( $ Price Per Pound) :

Date : 16 Aug 17

Last Trade Price : 2063.00

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